Why Suggest Against Sex During Menstruation

Based on certain physiological basis, women's sexual desire increases during menstruation. During menstruation, a large amount of blood collects in the perineum and there is significant congestion and oedema. This stimulates the surrounding nerves and makes them more sensitive than usual. Combined with fluctuating hormone levels, it results in a higher than usual sex drive.

Some of you may ask, "Will a strong desire during menstruation have any effect on my body?"

The answer is: there is no effect if it is handled sensibly. It is a normal physiological reaction of the body. But there are some potential risks if it is not dealt with properly.

So, how can you channel your sexual desire during your period properly? Here are two suggestions for your reference.

1.Hold Back

The most conservative and safest thing to do is to do nothing. Temporary tolerance will not have any effect on the body. It’s nonsense that it will cause the body's endocrine system to be regulated by numerous organs and hormones. You can distract yourself by doing other things, such as catching up on a show, going for a walk or talking to a friend.


Masturbation is a great way to relieve cravings. But only if it is clean and does not enter the body.

There are three common ways to masturbate: by pinning your legs, by using your hands and by using small sex toys (you can find out relevant product on our website,such as Rose Sucking Vibrator, Nipple Clitoral Vibrator, Tongue Sucking Masturbator and Tongue Licking Vibrator etc. )

It is important to clean your private parts and tools before and afterwards.

If I have sex during my period, will it affect my body in any way? Here are the two main risks that may exist.

1.The Increased Risk of Infection

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigation, the cervix opens slightly during menstruation, which may make it easier for viruses to enter the body. In addition to contracting diseases, this also can lead to inflammation and urinary tract infections.

2.The Risk of Pregnancy

Although sperm do not survive in the vagina for more than 36 hours, some of the leading sperm will swim to the fallopian tubes. This is when the survival time of the sperm extends to several days, or even tens of days.

In addition, the theory of menstrual reflux suggests that menstrual sex causes the uterus to contract, leading to a backflow of menstrual blood. It in turn leads to endometriosis. In fact, menstrual reflux is a very common phenomenon in women. Menstrual reflux is not the only cause of the development of endometriosis. Furthermore, there are no authoritative studies that show that menstrual sex necessarily increases the incidence of endometriosis.

In conclusion, menstrual sex can but is not recommended. If it does occur, please make sure to cleanse and protect yourself.