Sex Toys For Lesbian? 5 Best Sex Toys For Lesbian

Sex between two female is very arousing and often much more intense than when a man is involved. The attention for each other is often more intense and therefore the stimulation will also feel better. This is already possible by using hands and mouth, but you can of course also choose to use sex toys. But there are so many sex toys, where do you start. We have listed 5 types of toys to help you on your way.

1. Double dildo
Perhaps the first sex toy that comes to mind when you think of lesbian sex is the double dildo . This dildo is long in length and equipped with two heads. This allows you to be stimulated in the same way at the same time. You can go back and forth at the same rhythm, as it were. The nice thing about using this toy is that if one partner needs to increase the stimulation rate, the other partner automatically goes along with it. That way it can even happen that you reach an orgasm at the same time.

2. Strapons
We don't want to say that lesbian sex lacks physical penetration, but sometimes it is nice to be penetrated. But also giving penetration can be very exciting for women. That's why as a lesbian couple it's definitely worth trying 'it' with a strapon . You generally wear such a strap-on in combination with a harness that you can attach around your waist. But there are also strap-on dildos that you can wear by inserting them into your own vagina.

3. Massage bar
The massage bar is recommended for every couple and therefore also for lesbian couples. With the massage bar you can of course massage the entire body using vibrations. The climax of the massage then becomes the stimulation of the clitoris or of course other erogenous zones. The advantage of a massage rod is that you can alternate it nicely or in some positions you can even enjoy the vibrating massage head at the same time. Curious about more lesbian positions? Then check the blog below.

4. Toys met App
Although we give 5 tips here, you can actually use any sextoy for women for lesbian sex. You can always satisfy each other with these sex toys, for example by inserting a vibrator into your partner. Yet the sex toys with app are really next level to use. These sex toys can be operated with your smartphone. This allows you to enjoy remotely and you can often set the patterns yourself. However, the biggest advantage of sex toys with an app is that you can also stimulate each other with the help of bluetooth when you are on the other side of the world. That's a nice thought if you have to miss each other a little longer.


If you are already familiar with sex toys, you can of course go a step further. For example, try a BDSM adventure together. This does not have to be very extreme, you can start off with a pair of handcuffs. Do you choose to work with whips or planks, for example? Then discuss in advance a code word that can be called if it is just too much word. Tip: Think of a word that has absolutely nothing to do with bondage or sex. This prevents any confusion.

Whether you choose a double dong, a massager, a strap-on, sex toys with app or BDSM. The main thing is that you enjoy each other. This is of course not necessary with sex toys, you can also satisfy each other wonderfully with hands and/or mouth. The most important thing is that you come together in an erotic way. So we can conclude that pleasure is more important than the material. Enjoy!