How to choose the right male masturbator? How to use male masturbation device?

Men's use of masturbation devices can help them masturbate. They can be used individually or for couples to promote sexual happiness between couples. So how to choose the right male masturbator? How to use male masturbation device? Come and find out together.
一. How to choose the right male masturbator
When choosing a male masturbator, you need to consider the following points:
1.  Material: The material of the masturbator has a great impact on the use experience. Masturbators made of silicone, hard rubber and TPE are more popular, have good elasticity and are soft to the touch. Metal materials are more textured, but you need to be careful to avoid using extremely hard metal materials to avoid harm to the body.
2. Structure: Different masturbation device structures suit different needs. For example, the airplane cup is a common type of masturbation device that can simulate real sex techniques such as sucking and tongue licking through different designs. There are also designs such as artificial phallus, vagina, and anus, which can be chosen according to personal preference.
3. Difficulty of use: Some masturbators require additional batteries or charging, while others must be used manually. Therefore, you need to consider the difficulty of using the masturbation device you purchase to ensure that it can meet your needs.
二. How to use male masturbation device?
Before using a masturbation device, you need to keep it clean and hygienic to avoid infection with germs. Also, use enough lubricant to reduce the potential for discomfort or pain. When using it, you can follow the following steps:
1. Lubricant: Lubricant needs to be fully applied before use. Lubricant can reduce friction and make use smoother;
2. Hand grip: Hold the masturbator with your hand, and move the masturbator or hand to control the speed and amplitude;
3. Stimulation: During use, you can explore different stimulation methods, such as using different hand positions, moving the masturbator, etc.
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