5 Ways For Female To Experience Orgasm

Did you know that there are several types of orgasm? It's not as straightforward as some people think. In total there are a dozen or more different female orgasms. There are 5 orgasm ways to learn about that.

1. Clitoral Orgasm
The clitoral orgasm is perhaps the most famous woman's orgasm. It is therefore through clitoral stimulation that most women will reach orgasm. It is not surprising that many women experience an orgasm through clitoral stimulation. About 8,000 nerve endings come together in this small part of the vagina. Enough points so that the woman gets excited. The tip of the clitoris where these nerve endings meet is located at the top of the vagina. We recommend an air pressure vibrator to stimulate the clitoris . You place this vibrator around the clitoris, as it were, after which the clitoris is intensely stimulated with the help of air pressure. We'd love to introduce Rose toy for you, multi-modes sucking the clitoral, make you orgasm in short time.


2. G-Spot Orgasm
At number two is another orgasm, which is familiar to many women. However, not all women come from G-Spot stimulation. That is why it is seen as a bit of a myth by some drivers and/or women. The G-Spot is located about five centimeters deep in the vagina and is therefore stimulated during penetration. The g-spot can also be stimulated with the fingers or a specially developed g-spot vibrator . If you, as a male partner, want to stimulate the woman's g-spot in the right way, it is important to listen carefully when the woman lets out a sigh of pleasure. We recommend products that will trigger your g-spot orgasm, please visit the g-spot vibrator album page!


3. Breasts/Nipple Orgasm
Nipple stimulation is a form of stimulation that makes one woman very aroused, but the other woman has no feeling at all. It does not apply to every woman, but there are women who achieve an orgasm by stimulating their breasts and nipples. Stimulation of nipples activates the same area in the brain as with clitoral or g-spot stimulation. Nipple sucking toys can likewise bring you to a quick state of pleasure. You can enhance this feeling by making the nipples more sensitive with the help of a nipple sucker. But massaging the nipples with massage oil is also an absolute must.


4. Anal Orgasm
The anal orgasm is often seen as an excuse that men have made up to have anal sex with a woman. Still, there are women who experience an orgasm through anal sex. This won't happen the first time. After a few times you are used to the feeling and you can surrender to anal sex. The combination of the idea and the feeling can also lead to an orgasm during anal sex. If you have no experience with anal stimulation, you can start with a butt plug. The most important thing with anal sex is that you use enough lubricant.


5. U-Spot Orgasm
Finally, we'd like to discuss an orgasm you've probably never heard of, let alone thought about. You achieve the U-Spot orgasm by stimulation of the urethra, or the urethra. The urethra is located between the clitoris and the vaginal opening. Stimulating this small opening of the urethra in a circular manner can lead to an orgasm. Another way to stimulate the u-spot is to move up and down it. The vaginal wall can then be stimulated at the beginning and the clitoris at the end. If you build up this way of stimulation properly, you will experience an intense orgasm. Would you rather use a toy? Then grab a mini vibrator or bullet.


Where you may have thought that a woman can only reach an orgasm through clitoral or g-spot stimulation, there are many other ways. Are you going to try one of these ways on yourself or your partner soon?